Arielle Bailey is an INTJ, story critic, and aspiring published author.

She has been reading since she was four-and-a-half, writing since she was seven, and catching typographical and continuity errors since she was eight.  Language and writing are her preeminent passions.  She loves to help writers polish specific projects or improve their craft in general.  She hopes to someday wear more hats than any sane person should want to, most of them revolving around words in some form or another, including potentially heading her own small publishing company some distant day.

In her spare moments, she enjoys cramming in much fiction writing and worldbuilding, finding more books to devour and critique, watching and critiquing Asian dramas, alpha and beta reading for friends, and revising and editing her own books.

She shares writing and publishing advice at Intuitive Writing Guide and can be found inhabiting a variety of social media jungles.