HELP!  I know I need editing but I don’t know what kind!

  • If you want your plot overhauled, you need a developmental edit.
  • If you want your sentences overhauled and smoothed, you need a line edit.
  • If your plot and sentence structure are fine but you’re not good at spelling or punctuation, you need a copy edit.
  • If your writing is very clean (i.e. you have very good grammar and punctuation, a great sense of line structure, a strong plot and writing voice, and excellent spelling) you need a proofread.
  • If you don’t know whether your plot works or not, you need a critique.

If you’re still unsure, email me the first chapter of your manuscript and I’ll tell you what kind you need for free.


Are there genres, categories, or lengths you won’t edit?

Aside from horror and erotica, and the below stipulation, no.  I’ve edited and proofread everything from contemporary romance to urban fantasy to epic fantasy; I’m good with YA, New-Adult, or Adult categories; I’ve edited everything from 175,000 word novels to 10,000 word short stories; I don’t give better treatment or preference to one genre over another.


What do you mean by graphic sexual or gratuitous gory content?

I don’t edit books with detailed on-page sex scenes.  Fade to black or couples in bed talking are fine.  Kiss scenes are fine.  Physical touching is fine.  Graphic violence is also fine, as long as it isn’t detailed descriptions of blood and guts everywhere simply to horrify the reader.  If you’re still not sure if I can edit your book, email me and we’ll talk.



I would rather pay by check or money order instead of Paypal.  Can I do that?

Yes, that’s fine.  I’ll send you my address and you can mail me the payment and email me the file.  I won’t start work on the editing (or etc.) until the money arrives.


Why do you offer a complete edit option as well as the separate kinds of editing options?

Because some people will only want one or two kinds of editing, not an entire edit.


Are you pro- or anti-Oxford/serial comma?

I use it myself, but if you would rather not use it, then please notify me and I will incorporate that into my edits.


I prefer the British spelling of words like ‘color’ and ‘honor’.  Are you going to change my spellings to American English?

No, I won’t.  As long as you inform me which spelling you prefer, I will incorporate that into my editing.  The same goes for British or Australian terms as opposed to American terms (i.e. lorry vs truck).



I’m writing an allegory or a fantasy and I want my name for God, plus all of the attendant pronouns, to be capitalized.  Will that be a problem?

No, it won’t.  I just need to know this when you send me the file so I don’t accidentally correct those.


I use the spelling ‘magick’ instead of ‘magic’ intentionally.  Are you going to correct that?

No, just inform me when you send me the book.


I wrote a novel that takes place in France (or Spain, Italy, etc) so the names are foreign, and I have many French phrases in the novel.  Is this going to be a problem for you to edit?

No.  You’re responsible for making sure that your foreign idioms and foreign phrasing are correct, but as far as the names and words go, I can just as easily check for uniform spelling and/or catch spelling errors in them as I can English, using my own familiarity with the language or a reliable foreign-English dictionary/reference source.


Will you be taking part in the blog tour you are organizing for me?

In general, no.  If I really like your book, or have extra time on my hands, I might ask to be a part, but my participation is not a condition of my organization of the tour nor will it affect how well I do my job.