I would rather pay by check or money order instead of Paypal.  Can I do that?

Yes, that’s fine.  I’ll send you my address and you can mail me the payment and email me the file.  I won’t start work on the editing (or etc.) until the money arrives.


Will you be taking part in the blog tour you are organizing for me?

In general, no.  If I really like your book, or have extra time on my hands, I might ask to be a part, but my participation is not a condition of my organization of the tour.


I prefer the British spelling of words like ‘color’ and ‘honor’.  Are you going to change my spellings to American English?

No, I won’t.  As long as you inform me which spelling you prefer, I will incorporate that into my editing.  The same goes for British or Australian terms as opposed to American terms (i.e. lorry vs truck).


I’m writing an allegory or a fantasy and I want my name for God, plus all of the attendant pronouns, to be capitalized.  Will that be a problem?

No, it won’t.  I just need to know this when you send me the file so I don’t accidentally correct those.


Are you pro- or anti-Oxford comma?

I usually use it myself, but if you would rather not use it, then please notify me and I will incorporate that into my edits.


I use the spelling ‘magick’ instead of ‘magic’ intentionally.  Are you going to correct that?

No, just inform me when you send me the book.


I wrote a novel that takes place in France (or Spain, Italy, etc) so the names are foreign, and I have many French phrases in the novel.  Is this going to be a problem for you to edit?

No.  You’re responsible for making sure that your foreign idioms and foreign phrasing are correct, but as far as the names and words go, I can just as easily check for uniform spelling and/or catch spelling errors in them as I can English, using my own familiarity with the language (depending on which language it is) or a reliable foreign-English dictionary/reference source.