If you’re still confused as to what each service entails or which one you need, check the FAQ, or email me: a.bailey.editing[at]

With each of these services, I will do my utmost to maintain the soul of your work.  You will always have the final say over the corrections or changes.

FYI: I’m very good at my job, but I’m human.  Despite my best efforts, it’s possible that I may miss one or two errors.

NOTE: I do not edit erotica or horror.  I also don’t edit books with graphic sexual or gory content.  If you’re not sure whether your book qualifies for a genre I won’t edit, email me and we’ll talk.


Line Editing
Coming soon!


Copy Editing
You’ve rewritten your book, had it beta read and critiqued, and now you’re almost ready to publish.  This is the penultimate step.

Copy editing is when your manuscript is checked for:

  • incorrect spelling
  • misplaced homophones and homonyms
  • incorrect punctuation
  • internal continuity
  • uniform spelling of colloquial words, based on the Client’s preference for British or American spelling
  • consistency in using numerals or number words
  • uniform hyphenation and capitalization

This is not a line edit.  I’m not going to tell you how to improve the work, or give you critique statements such as: ‘it would make more sense if she had killed him four pages ago.’  If I notice content fixes that might help, I will include a note to you when I return the manuscript, but that’s all.


DO YOU WANT a combination package of more than one type of editing?  Shoot me a message and we’ll talk!


As good as your copy edit may have been, it’s not uncommon for formatting to mess some things up.  Is your book edited and polished and ready to be printed but you need a set of eyes to check for typographical errors?  This is the final step before pushing ‘publish’.

NOTE: This is not copy editing.  I’m only checking it for typographical errors: a comma that was accidentally left out, or a word repeated twice in a row because something glitched.  If you need grammar checked or your punctuation corrected, please request copy editing.  If I receive your manuscript and find multiple errors that should have been copy edited (a few will almost always slip through, that’s just life and proofreading will catch those), I will either re-contract with you to copy edit the work– should you so desire– or return the work to you to be correctly copy edited.


NOTE: I do not offer line editing at this time.


Story Critiquing
Not sure your novel is any good?  Think it’s good enough to be published but want an opinion from someone who is not a beta reader?  I’ll read through it and give you feedback on plot, characters, writing style, structure, and notes on whether your grammar and punctuation are good enough to just need a proofread or whether you need a copy edit.


Blog Tour Organizing
I prefer to have at least 2 weeks notice.

Standard package:

  • I sit down with you via chat or email and work out the details: how many interviews and guest posts you’re willing to do or would you prefer to have it only be book spot posts, as well as if there will be a cover reveal as part of the tour.
  • Using this information, I customize a google form and send you the link to post on your blog when you announce the tour.
  • I take everyone’s signup information (what days they are or are not available, what kind of post they want to do, their blog title) and coordinate with them to make a schedule for dates, with notes about the kind of post they’ll each be doing.
  • I put together the tour package with the schedule and the information you provide (cover- if applicable, book blurb, author bio, author picture), and email it to everyone.
  • Interviewers email you their questions and you reply to them.
  • Everyone is responsible for checking the schedule themselves and making sure to post.
  • You publicly credit me for having organized the tour.

Platinum package: (standard tour price + $5.00)
In addition to everything from the standard package:

  • I act as the middleman between you and the tour participants.  They email me their questions, I forward them to you, you answer them and return them to me, I forward the answers to the participants and send them a reminder to post on time.
  • At the end of the tour, I draw up a list with links to all participants’ posts and send it to you to have for handy reference and/or for you to post on your blog.