Editing Services

With each of these services, I will do my utmost to maintain the soul of your work.  You will always have the final say over the corrections or changes.

FYI: I’m good at my job, but I’m human.  Despite my best efforts, it’s possible that I may miss a few errors.

NOTE: I do not edit erotica or horror.  I also don’t edit books with graphic sexual or gratuitous gory content.  If you’re not sure whether your book contains content that I won’t edit, please see the FAQ page or email me and we’ll talk.



As good as your copy edit may have been, it’s not uncommon for formatting to cause errors.  Is your book edited and ready to be published but you need a set of eyes to check for typographical errors?

This is not copy editing.  I’m only checking it for typographical errors such as a comma that was accidentally left out or a word repeated twice in a row because something glitched.  If you need grammar or punctuation thoroughly corrected, please request copy editing.

If I receive your manuscript and find multiple errors that should have been copy edited (a few will almost always slip through, that’s just life, and proofreading is precisely designed to catch those), I will either re-contract with you to copy edit the work—should you so desire—or return the work to you to be correctly copy edited.

Choose this if the book has been edited and all you want me doing is making sure you don’t have typographical errors before you push ‘publish’ on the file.  Also choose this if you want a final check before sending to an agent or publishing house.


Copy Editing

This edit targets the words and the punctuation. It’s when I look for:

  • incorrect spellings
  • misplaced homophones and homonyms
  • incorrect punctuation
  • uniform spelling of colloquial words
  • consistency in using numerals or number words
  • uniform capitalization
  • internal continuity

It does NOT fix plot holes or awkward sentences, just incorrect word and punctuation.

Choose this if you don’t want your plot or style overhauled, but DO want words usage edited (such as homonyms), continuity checked, and a thorough spelling check by a human, not an automated system.


Line/Style Editing

This edit examines your style, particularly the phrasing of your sentences. It’s where I go through and highlight:

  • run-on sentences or choppy sentences
  • awkwardly phrased sentences
  • dangling participles, overused words, incorrectly used words
  • oddly organized or grouped paragraphs

It does incorporate a copy edit, but does NOT touch your plot.  It’s different from a developmental edit because here, I’m refining your style, not your content/plot.  It’s like an iron for your sentences.

Choose this if you don’t want your plot touched but you DO want a style overhaul.


Developmental/Content Editing

In content editing, the focus is on the plot and characters. I’m helping you take the story as a whole and refine it.

It includes:

  • making sure the plot progression makes sense
  • ensuring the character arcs tie into the plot well
  • checking that the pacing is good
  • removing or revising vague or confusing passages
  • highlighting cliches that need revising to be more original in presentation

Content editing is more in-depth than a critique.  It will include notes on common grammar issues you have, such as the repeated use of ‘reign’ instead of ‘rein’ when speaking of bridle reins.

It does NOT fix these or any other specific grammar issues (highlighting every time you’ve used the word ‘to’ instead of ‘too’) or smooth your sentence style.

Choose this if you want a plot and character overhaul.



Not sure your novel is any good?  Think it’s good enough to be published but want an opinion from an editor and analyst who has years of experience with good writing?  I’ll read through it and give you feedback on plot, characters, writing style, structure, and also add notes on what kinds of edits you will need.

Why choose this and not a developmental edit?  This is for first drafts, when you want another opinion on your raw work before deciding how to go about revising it.


Comprehensive/Complete Edit

This combines a developmental edit, line edit, and copy edit.  It covers plot, style, grammar, and punctuation.  It’s what many people think of when they talk of ‘hiring an editor’.

Choose this if you want to put your work in the hands of a competent editor who will thoroughly overhaul the book and help you polish it start to finish, improving the story while preserving your voice.


Combination Edit Package

Don’t want the complete edit but do want a combination of two other services, such as line editing + a follow up proofread or a line edit + copy edit?  I offer discounts on combination packages.  Check Rates, or shoot me a message!


Free Sample Edit

You can send me a sample of your work (between 1,500 – 3,000 words), and I will edit it FOR FREE to help you decide whether you like my work well enough to hire me for the whole project and/or to be able to tell you which service/s you will need for the work.